Friday, November 20, 2009

Cleansing Crisis : Understanding Why

Have heard of a "Cleansing Crisis"? They are very common, and yet most people don't seem to understand them.

Have you ever made a lifestyle change of some kind, that you thought would bring improvement into your life, but right away you came down with a sore throat, or sniffles, or a rash, or a coughing fit, or diarrhea, or some such reaction?

These types of reactions can often be what is called a "Cleansing Crisis". It is important to realize that these reactions are normal, and a part of the cleansing process.

When you make a lifestyle change for the better, it gives your body the chance that it has been waiting for to cleanse some of the gunk out.

This is particularly noticeable for people who have excess fat to lose.

You see, when the body is overburdened with toxins and doesn't have the resources it needs to deal with them, it will lock those toxins away inside of fat cells, and store them for later processing. When a lifestyle change allows the body the resources it needs to clean the system, then it unlocks those fat cells and starts to move those toxins out. Thus, the toxins are reintroduced into the blood stream to be eliminated. While they are in the blood stream, they can cause symptoms and reactions as though you are sick. But in reality, it is part of the process of getting well.

The funny thing is that these people might not have had any of these symptoms when the toxins first entered the body, because the body didn't have the resources to deal with it, so it just stored them away and there was no healing reaction at that time.

The sad part is that because people don't understand the healing process, they think that sniffles, coughs, rashes, etc. are signs that they are sick, instead of recognizing them as signs that the body is flushing out bad stuff. So, people eat junk food and there is no immediate visual reaction (because the body doesn't have the resources to deal with it), so they think it is fine. Then sometime later they eat a bunch of fresh veggies and drink a bunch of fresh water, and the body begins to use these badly needed resources to flush the junk out of the system. Unfortunately this leads many people to assume that the good food made them sick.

It is such a sad cycle that so many people in today's world are caught up in. They assume that they are allergic to veggies, or wheat, or fruit, or whatever caused the cleansing action. When in reality their bodies are loving these good resources, and the chance to dump some junk.

So, lets talk about how to deal with the reactions.

Remember that these reactions are the bodies attempts to cleanse the system. So help it to do so. Drink lots of good clean (mineralized) water to help flush out the bad stuff. Eat even more fresh foods that are high in antioxidant and antibacterial resources. Get plenty of sunshine and rest to allow the body to work things out. A little exercise will help as well.

To minimize these types of reactions, ease into lifestyle changes gradually. For instance coconut oil is one of the things that helps the body to melt away excess fat. So if you decide to start taking coconut oil, even though your goal is to take 3 or 4 tablespoons a day, start off with just one tablespoon a day, or even just half. Then gradually increase it over a week or two until you reach your goal. This way your body can change more gradually and not have an over reaction so that you tend to think you may be allergic to coconuts, simply because you got a rash.

Bye the way, allergies to coconut oil are so rare that even those diagnosed with an allergy may not have one. The incidents of coconut allergies are lower than the incidents of wrong diagnosis. This particular allergy may not exist at all.

Over 30 percent of the population think that they are allergic to wheat. Actual testing only confirms about 3 percent. The rest just think they are, because their bodies are not used to good food, and they have digestive problems. The digestive problems are also caused by bad diet.

So why do people get sniffles in the winter? Try this idea. As the weather cools off, the body doesn't require as much water to keep itself cool and hydrated. So now it has more water to do more cleansing with. Make sense?

Have a great day of healing!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let's Talk Food : What I Eat

Many of you have been asking what I eat, so I guess I should answer.

When I rise in the morning I drink a couple of cups of water (with minerals included of course).

I then like to eat an apple and a slice of my homemade bread before I go running. The bread is made from freshly ground wheat and sprouts. I usually put honey and cinnamon in it, along with coconut oil and "Real Salt". Most of the sprouts are wheat sprouts, but I include a variety of other grain and bean sprouts as well.

After running, I make breakfast. Usually either oatmeal or wheat cereal. Most often it is the wheat. Grind two-thirds of a cup of wheat and cook it in 4 cups of water (with minerals). Feeds three. I like to serve it with some honey, cinnamon, and coconut oil.

Some mornings I'll make eggs for breakfast instead.

Lunch is usually a slice or two of my bread with raw butter and honey on it. I also like to make a drink for lunch with raw eggs, raw milk, home-grown kefir, a little honey and cinnamon, and some nutmeg and/or mint (fresh from the yard).

I will also often snack between meals. Usually another slice of my bread, and maybe a cup of raw milk. Sometimes some fruit or veggies.

I love to mix peanut butter and honey to put on my bread as well.

Of course, I am also drinking lots of mineralized water all through the day.

For dinner I always try to get some kind of veggies. Usually a large salad with lots of spinach. I love avocados in my salads as well. The salad will often include carrots and tomatoes. Instead of salad dressing, I like to use a little spray sea salt with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I will often eat a plate full of salad. Sometimes it will be stir-fried veggies instead.

Then I like to get a high quality starchy food. Usually potatoes or rice and beans. Potatoes must always include the peels. I use lots of spices on my potatoes or rice. My favorites are cayenne, turmeric, oregano, garlic, onion, ginger, and of course, "Redmond Real Salt".

I like to mix a little coconut oil in with my potatoes or rice as well.

I generally also have a large glass of raw milk with my dinner as well.

Now, of course, this can all vary quite a bit, but these are my basics most days.

Any more questions?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Oil Pulling And/Or Swishing

Some of you may have heard of "Oil Pulling". If you haven't, well, now you have. When I first heard of it, it sounded like fantasy. But being the researcher that I am, I decided it was only fair to check it out before discarding the idea completely.

When you start to research oil pulling on the internet, you discover all kinds of claims of miraculous cures and miracles. You will also find explanations of why it can't really work.

It turns out that both are true.

How can that be? Well... some people have great healing experiences after oil pulling, but the reason given for the healing on most web sites that talk about oil pulling are wrong.

You see, oil pulling doesn't actually pull anything. So, the name is all wrong. That's why I prefer to call it "Swishing".

The prevailing theory is that the oil pulls toxins out of the body. But it doesn't. In a minute I'll tell you how it does work.

Perhaps, before continuing, I should explain what it is.

Oil pulling, or swishing, is the act of swishing oil around in the mouth each morning for about 20 minutes.

Now, a lot of you are thinking, "20 minutes!!!!????"

Yes, 20 minutes. If you can't do it for 20 minutes at first, it is fine to swish for a shorter period of time, until you get used to it. However, if you check your email, or straighten up the house, or whatever, the time goes by very quickly.

Just be sure to keep the oil swishing around in your mouth all the time. Push it around and through all your teeth as well as around your tongue.

Now the important part is what kind of oil to use. Use Virgin Coconut Oil. Many other sites on the internet will tell you to use other kinds of oil. But after much research, I have confirmed that Virgin Coconut Oil is the very best oil for swishing.

After the 20 minutes is up, you spit out the oil. I suggest spitting it into the dirt outside. It can cause build up and clogging in your pipes if you spit it into the sink or toilet. If you have to spit into a sink or toilet, I would go with the sink. This is because hot water will melt the coconut oil and send it on to the sewer system, but it is harder to run a lot of hot water down the toilet.

Now back to why swishing with coconut oil works so many healing miracles.

Swishing has been credited with helping to heal just about any problem you can think of, anywhere in the body. How can that be?

It has to do with creating a healthy environment where the miraculous human body can do it's healing thing. Remember that environment is everything. Create a healing environment within the body, and healing can and will take place.

Coconut oil, when mixed with saliva, has antiviral and antibacterial properties. When swished in the mouth for sufficient time, it will eliminate much of the bacteria that thrive there.

If you study Weston A. Price and his research, you find that infections in the mouth migrate to other areas of the body and cause all kinds of problems. So if you could eliminate the negative infections that thrive in the mouth, that would be a great relief to the rest of the body, as it tries to build and heal.

So what swishing with coconut oil actually does, is to greatly reduce the strain on the immune system. So, if along with swishing you are also living a lifestyle that boosts the immune system, it can really help the body attain a healthier level of existence.

The first thing that people usually notice when they start to swish with coconut oil, is the hygiene of the mouth is greatly improved. The teeth often become whiter, and the tongue is pinker. The gum health also improves. A week to a few weeks later, they will often start to notice other improvements in other areas of the body.

Swishing is an activity that I highly recommend. Even if you only improve the health of your gums, it will be helping with more things than you might imagine.

Give it a try, and let me know how your experience goes.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Whole Foods : Why?

I am always recommending that people eat whole foods for optimum health. Let's take a look at WHY.

Natural foods are full of all kinds of nutrients to build and to heal the human body. Mankind has discovered many delicious foods to eat. We have also decided that some parts of some plants are much better than other parts.

When I talk about whole foods, I'm not talking about eating the pit of an avocado, or your peach pits either. I'm talking about using the wholesome goodness of the plants that we have discovered can be eaten easily by most people without causing any problem.

I'm not saying to eat the stalks of the wheat plants that we get our grain from, but eat the whole grain to get all of it's goodness.

The biggest problem that I see with our food supply today is that much of the goodness that exists in our food is being processed out of the food before it ever gets to our mouths.

The Creator made food that makes our bodies grow and thrive. When we process out the sweet part, or the soft part, or the sticky part, (depending on what our desire at the time may be) we are destroying the balancing abilities of food. Natures foods have the ability to balance all the functions of the human body. All of our health problems today are caused by (and worsened by) imbalance.

For instance, one of the most prevalent ingredients in food today is wheat. Now that would be great if it was always using all parts of the grain. Wheat is one of the very best foods that humans can eat. The problem is that nearly every product that you find in a normal grocery store that contains wheat, only contains a small part of the wheat.

Our modern day processing destroys about 100 nutrients that existed in the whole wheat grains.
Then the manufacturers add back in about 8 nutrients. This allows them to call it "enriched".

These wheat products are toxic to the human body. Not because the wheat was bad to start with, but because the resources in the wheat that allow the body to digest and ingest this food have been removed. So, instead of being building blocks for the body, it is a sludge that the body has to try and eliminate from the system.

When the body doesn't get the resources that it needs to digest and use our food, it tries to pull those resources from other places. If it can't find the resources to do so, it just puts the sludge aside, with the hope that it will get the resources it needs later to deal with it.

This is why the body stores fat.

If it can pull the needed resources from another part of the body, it often will. Thus causing other weaknesses in the body.

When people recognize that there is a problem with their bodies, they then usually try to do something to solve the problem. However, because most people do not recognize that not eating whole foods caused the problem, they don' eat well to solve the problem.

Instead they hope to give the body resources in a pill or powdered form, so that it can do the things that it needs to do to take care of the problem.

Sometimes, this works... temporarily. But because it does not solve the original problem, it can not be a long term fix.

Pills and powders are by their very nature imbalanced. That is why they ultimately can only make matters worse.

If you look around you will see many people who are taking all kinds of pills and potions, but they continue to run into all kinds of health problems and challenges. So then they look for the next great supplement that will take care of their latest concern.

However, these concerns can never be fully satisfied until the return to eating whole foods.

Whole foods can re-balance all the systems of the body. They have all the resources the body needs.

Man-made pills and potions can never do the same, simply because we still lack the knowledge to know what all of those resources are. Let alone what mixtures and and in what quantities are needed for balancing the body.

Science continues to discover more and more substances found in whole foods that do amazing things for the human body. But we really have no idea how to micro-manage such a complex system as the human body.

The best way to get a well balanced mixture of all that is good for the body, is too eat a variety of whole foods.

To allow the body all the resources necessary to live a long healthy life, eat whole foods, get fresh air and sunshine, exercise regularly, sleep regularly, and forgive and give thanks.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

What Is Really Scary About The Swine Flu

We are now starting to see what the swine flu scare is all about. Control of the people for political reasons.
It is now hitting the news that there are over 150,000 people in the Ukraine that are infected with flu like symptoms.

Note the details:
Flu-like symptoms
Over 100 dead - number confirmed to have swine-flu? One!
Government response:
Shut down schools and quarantine whole cities.
Don't allow any public gatherings.

There are elections just around the corner there, and this move eliminates rallies and protests, and the government is even talking about the possibilities of calling off the election completely!

Please understand this. There is no swine-flu pandemic if you look at facts. There is only hype. It is all about governments getting more control, and medicine making more money.

Don't be scared by this non-pandemic!
Live a healthy lifestyle and don't worry about your health. Worry about your freedom! That is the scary part!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Soda : Does It Kill?

Soda pop has become so widely used and accepted that there are many people today who drink nothing else all day long. For those of you who don't know, that is a very bad thing.

I was recently asked, "What are the problems with soda?" There are so many things wrong with soda, I was a little unsure of where to start. But let's cover the major points.

Sugar: There is so much sugar in soda pop, that just one soda, can exceed the USDA recommended daily consumption of sugar. Soda pop is a sugar overload that shuts down the immune system and puts your bodies insulin levels all out of whack. Can you say "diabetes"?

Some people will say, "Well I drink diet soda, so I don't have that problem." Sorry, that doesn't work. In fact some studies have shown that people who drink diet soda are even more obese than those who drink regular soda. You see the artificial sweeteners are usually even worse than the original. I suggest everyone eliminate all artificial sweeteners from their diet. They are very dangerous.

Aside from the insulin issue, processed sugar shuts down the immune system. It actually latches onto the receptors that are designed for Vitamin C. Therefore messing up the processes which would lead to healing and rebuilding a healthy body.

Besides the sugar, soda pop has carbonation. One of the side effects of this is a lowering of the blood calcium levels in your body. That is why studies continue to show that soda drinkers have thinner, weaker bones, than non-soda drinkers. Soda drinkers are much more likely to suffer from broken bones, as well as erosion of the teeth.

This messing up of the mineral balances in the body affects many other body parts and systems as well.

Another major problem caused by the drinking of soda pop is that of dehydration. Does that surprise you? It is true.

You see, the water in soda pop is already so saturated with junk, that the body just tries to flush it out of the body as quickly and efficiently as it can. Combine that with the fact that people who drink soda regularly don't like to (and usually don't) drink clean water. Water doesn't "taste good" to people who drink soda pop.

I was recently very saddened to hear of a woman who had a still born child. The autopsy showed that the child died of dehydration. The woman never drinks water. She only drinks soda.

Most sodas also contain high levels of caffeine. This causes many people many problems, but one of the main ones being over stimulation that leads to not sleeping well. A good nights rest is one of the most important keys to healing and building a strong body.

I strongly encourage you to eliminate soda pop from your diet. Get used to drinking lots of good clean water. This one simple thing can be a huge step forward toward helping your body to be healthy and strong.

Does soda pop kill? It can definitely be a contributing factor. Look at how many people have been pushed toward and into diabetes because of the over consumption of sugar and the compromising of the immune system. Most people also recognize that it is much easier to get sick after taking in large doses of sugar.

Let's look at some numbers.
Chance of dying from the flu : 12 per 100,000
Chance of dying from swine flu : about 1 per 100,000
Chance of dying in childbirth : about 13 per 100,000
Chance of dying in a car ride : about 15 per 100,000
Chance of dying from diabetes : about 23 per 100,000

It looks like our national focus my have the wrong priorities.

I strongly suggest that you get yourself and your family off of soda drinks.

Remember health is all about lifestyle choices.

Here is a great link about how important our food choices can be. Click Here.

And to help make your meals as healthy as possible check this out. HERE.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Flu Deaths : More information

I don't like to blog repeatedly about the same things, but with so much about swine flu in the news, and so many people concerned about it, I thought it important to keep you up to date.

We now have more information on the deaths that have been blamed on swine flu. It appears that the opinion I gave you was right on the money. People are not dieing from the swine flu, but with the swine flu.

The swine flu is milder than influenza, and much less deadly.

Strengthen your immune system by :
Avoid vaccines (they weaken the immune system)
Avoid processed sugar (weakens the immune system)
Eat fresh raw whole foods (strengthens the immune system)
Drink plenty of clean water (allows the body to function optimally)
Get a good nights rest each night (strengthens immune system and allows healing)
Think positive thoughts (builds immunity)

For the latest on swine flu deaths click HERE.

The swine flu is basically a non-issue for those with the sense to live a healthy lifestyle.
In fact it is basically a non-issue for anyone. Compare the number of swine-flu deaths reported in the last year, with the 36,000 deaths that we are told happen every year from influenza.

Of course, that 36,000 number is made up as well. There is no data to back it up.

If you have any questions about any of this, be sure to ask. Would love to hear from you.