Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Anemia And Iron

When you hear of someone being anemic, or having anemia, you probably think they need more iron.

That is what we have all been led to believe. That is what the doctors have learned, and passed on to us.

But anemia means to be low on blood, generally a reduction of red blood cells. This can be caused by three things. Excessive bleeding, excessive death of red blood cells, or a decrease in the bodies ability to make red blood cells.

Note that any of those three conditions can exist at the same time that you can have an over abundance of iron in the body.

In fact it turns out that most of us, even those who are anemic, have an abundance of iron in our systems. It is simply a matter of getting the systems in balance so that they will use the available iron, along with other resources, to keep our red blood cells functioning the way they should.

Balanced systems will also help to rid us of the excess iron that so many of us get from today's environment. Excess iron can be very dangerous to your bodies health.

I suggest that you read these questions and answers from a biologist and physiologist about the dangers of too much iron in your system (a very common condition in today's world).

Remember that balance in the human body is achieved through healthy lifestyle choices. Whole, natural, unprocessed foods help the body to balance. Of particular importance is whole grain wheat, lots of water, and moderate exercise.

I also suggest virgin coconut oil be used to replace all vegetable oils in your diet. This will help to correct hormonal imbalances that contribute to anemia, as well as many other diseases.

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