Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cancer And Sugar : A New Paradigm

Here is a new paradigm on cancer and sugar.

As many of you may know, cancer gobbles up sugar. The cancer uses the sugar to create more energy to do more replicating.

One of the problems that this knowledge has caused is that many cancer patients try to cut down on sugar to help rid themselves of cancer. The thing is that sugar is necessary of every cell of the body to make energy with, so they can carry out the functions they have. If you starve the body of sugar to fight cancer cells, you also starve all the other cells of the body.

However our recent study of sugars, and particularly fructose, has given us a little more ammunition to fight with. It turns out that cancer cells develop an ability to directly uptake fructose. Most normal cells in the body do not have this ability.

So, instead of cutting out sugar, in all it's forms, to help fight cancer, it may be well to cut out all fructose for a while. By going on a glucose-as-the-only-form-of-sugar-in-your-diet diet you can cause the cancer cells some problem while still feeding the good cells.

It can be difficult to go on this kind of a diet because most fruits and vegetables contain fructose.
Also most packaged foods at the store contain sucrose (which is half fructose) or fructose in some form. Even honey is about 40% fructose. Also keep in mind that the artificial sweeteners are even worse for the body.

You can eat swiss chard, celery, mustard greens, oatmeal, whole wheat, rice, nuts, raw milk, and eggs.

Just to be clear, it is always advisable to avoid processed and artificial sugars as much as possible. If you must ad sweetener, I prefer raw (not heated, not filtered) honey. Of course if you are eliminating fructose for a few weeks or months to help your body heal, you would need to skip the honey and use something like stevia.

Stevia is a good sweetner with out any known negative consequences. All though some studies have identified problems with extracts of stevia, there is no known problems with the stevia leaf that is normally used for sweetener. Of course you shouldn't over due any one substance.

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