Saturday, April 10, 2010

Salt: Healthy Or Unhealthy?

Here is another important article that needed to be brought out of the archives.

Salt is one of those things which is very interesting. It is vital for the human body to function. It is also considered to be a major health problem for many people. Why is that?

Perhaps we can shed a little light on this subject. When we speak of salt we generally are thinking about sodium, or more specifically, sodium chloride. There are however many salts made up of many minerals.

Table salt is generally made up of nearly all sodium chloride. High salt intake is considered unhealthy. It causes an imbalance in the blood vessels of the body, as well as in the blood it's self.

Many processed and packaged foods are very high in sodium, and so people are cautioned against using them too liberally.

While I was studying water I discovered that the high sodium diet is not a problem if one drinks enough water. This fascinated me, and also helped me to understand how very important it can be to drink lots of water every day. Given the proper resources the body is very good at balancing body systems.

I have further learned that it is very important to also get other mineral salts into the body to help in all the functions of the body. I now suggest that people use sea salt regularly to get all necessary minerals and trace minerals.

It is actually better to get your minerals and trace minerals from eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. But since so many of us don't get good organic produce, I do recommend some supplementation with sea salt.

The next thing that you need to know is not to buy sea salt from a grocery store, and even be leery of sea salts sold in health food stores. Most of them are actually just like normal table salt without hardly any trace minerals at all. Look for an actual listing of trace minerals on the label. Even though it may say that it is made from evaporated sea salt it is usually processed to the point of being just like table salt.

I suggest the use of products made by Trace Minerals Research. Seawater has a similar mineral content to the human blood stream, including all the trace minerals. Trace Minerals Research makes sea salt from the inland sea called The Great Salt Lake, in Utah. Their products contain all the trace minerals found in the sea. They are very healthful for the human body. You can't buy them directly from the company unless you are a wholesale buyer. But they can be bought through "Mineral Oasis".

Salt can cause health problems if too much is used without adequate water intake, but it is important to make sure that you are getting all the trace minerals that are available through eating good food, or at least using a good supplement.

Again, be sure that if you supplement with minerals of any kind, make sure that you are drinking plenty of water so that the body can use what it needs and flush out what it does not need.

Plenty of water means drinking at least one cup of water for every ten pounds of body weight each day.

Remember that health is all about balance in the body. Given the right resources from good food, along with rest and exercise and plenty of water, the body will keep the proper balance to keep you healthy.

Just eat a high quality natural foods diet, exercise, drink plenty of good clean water, make sure you get fiber (whole raw foods), get plenty of sleep, breathe deeply and have a gratitude attitude.

Your body will take care of you, if you take care of it.

Coach G.

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