Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Oiling of America

Here is an article that everyone needs to read.

It is very long, so many people won't want to read all the detail, but I highly recommend it. It will help you to understand a lot of things.

It will give you all the pertinent facts as to why I believe that we will be much better off if we eat lots of saturated fats and eliminate vegetable oils and fish oils.

For even more detail and in depth analysis, read Ray Peat's articles.

It turns out that the things we have been told are "essential fats", are actually contributing to estrogen overload, which in turn contributes to most of our debilitating diseases of the day.

There is nothing natural about concentrating oils out of vegetables and consuming large quantities of them. There is also nothing healthy about it.

Don't believe industry hype or media hype. Look for actual studies with real science.

The other sad news in this arena is that Medical doctors don't have the time or the training to look at actual studies. They fall into the trap of taking the word of the representatives of the drug companies, to teach them about health issues. What are the goals of the drug companies? Well, to sell more drugs, of course.

The more I study, the more I realize that eating whole natural foods is the best way to get all the nutrients and resources that the body needs to create a healthy, balanced body.

P.S. Raw Milk and Eggs are excellent sources of healthy fat. Back when our society used to eat and drink a lot of them, heart disease was practically unheard of (not to mention cancer).

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